Mar 6, 2024

Reno Mathews, Compliance Executive from Citi, Google, Meta, Joins Spektr

reno mathews join spektr

We are thrilled to welcome Reno Mathews as our first Chief Compliance Officer here at spektr, the ongoing due diligence platform for automated compliance.

With over two decades of extensive compliance experience gained from renowned organizations such as Citi, Google, Robinhood, and Meta, Reno Mathews brings a wealth of expertise to our team. Throughout his career, Reno has showcased his proficiency in navigating complex regulatory frameworks within the financial sector.

In his previous roles, Reno led the development and implementation of compliance controls at a global scale. His tenure as the Chief Compliance Officer of Payments at Google entailed close collaboration with regulatory bodies for his oversight of licenses and exemptions across a broad spectrum of jurisdictions including the US states, UK, Ireland, Lithuania, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, India, and Brazil.

During his time at Trulioo, Mathews had the opportunity to collaborate with our co-founder, Mikkel Skarnager, who had previously founded a client onboarding platform eventually acquired by Trulioo. Their shared vision and passion for innovation led Reno to join spektr, where he continues his partnership with Mikkel in addressing industry challenges.

"In many organizations, compliance teams are often neglected in the race for technological advancement. I'm excited to join a team of remarkable individuals dedicated to relieving this burden from compliance teams and crafting a tailored solution using the best technology and automation that meets their needs." says Reno Mathews, Chief Compliance Officer of spektr.

As we welcome Reno to our team, it signifies a pivotal moment in our dedication to transparency and excellence in ongoing due diligence practices for financial enterprises worldwide. With over 20 years of industry experience, Reno's profound understanding of regulatory frameworks across diverse sectors such as banking, payments, cryptocurrencies, and trading, provides a robust foundation for spektr. With Reno's guidance, spektr will undergo significant advancements in automation to simplify our client's ongoing due diligence processes, leading to improved compliance and client satisfaction.

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