Feb 21, 2024

spektr raises €5 million and launches ongoing due diligence platform

spektr has launched

We are excited to announce that spektr is officially exiting stealth mode and ready to turn ongoing due diligence into a revenue-generating asset for compliance. Our journey is supported by a €5 million seed round led by Northzone, Seedcamp, and PreSeed Ventures, enabling us to introduce advanced automation to compliance teams worldwide.

spektr was founded by a team who previously developed an entire no-code platform, HelloFlow, for securely onboarding customers globally. Following our acquisition by Trulioo, the leader in global identity verification, we took a step back to understand the true needs of the industry.

After talking with over 400 compliance and risk experts and drawing from our experience in client onboarding, it's clear that companies struggle with ongoing monitoring and risk management after initial setup of digital onboarding processes, largely due to a lack of automation. Many services still depend heavily on manual monitoring and alert resolution, which can be resource-intensive.

Introducing our investors

Thanks to the early trust and support of our investors, our vision to address ongoing due diligence challenges and drive revenue through automation-led compliance measures has become a reality.

"We are incredibly excited to partner with spektr. They are an exceptional team with a very clear product vision, and we believe they will be able to leverage their experience from HelloFlow to build spektr into a category-defining company within the compliance space," says the principal at Northzone, Maxine Rior.

Joining Northzone are PreSeed Ventures and Seedcamp, both backers of our initial venture at HelloFlow. Alexander Viterbo-Horten, General Partner in PSV Tech01, one of the funds in venture house PreSeed Ventures, says: “Their execution power and strategic understanding of the financial compliance market are profoundly impressive.” He adds:

"This makes spektr one of the best bets on a future unicorn out of Denmark. It’s a true testament to that, that we’re several investors from the first journey who decided to invest again."

Tom Wilson, partner at Seedcamp shared the same beliefs in the team and product: "We're delighted to have the opportunity to back Mikkel and Ciprian as they go again with spektr. The HelloFlow journey gave us a taste of the market-leading products they can build, and we're excited to see where they can take spektr, building on that experience".

Explore spektr today!

In response to the rapid growth and escalating costs in the compliance sector, spektr presents a no-code solution that automates risk processes, sets up monitoring, resolves alerts instantly, and integrates easily with vendors.

By automating 90% of risk and monitoring tasks we boost operational efficiency and drive higher conversion rates for your business. But there's more to spektr than automation. Gain access to advanced analytics and reporting features, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimize your compliance strategies for commercial success.

While automation is at the core of our platform, we also value the human touch. Explore our platform and share your insights with us. Thank you for your support on this journey!


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