Rapid KYC verification, real-time adaptation

Laying the groundwork for a future where compliance becomes an integral and automated aspect of crypto operations. Innovation and volatility coexist, so we've built a risk mitigation platform to address potential fraud.

Compliance for the crypto industry

Automate KYC and AML screening processes to accelerate the analysis and verification of large volumes of client data, resulting in faster and more precise results.

Strengthen fraud detection with real-time monitoring, automated alerts, and customizable risk thresholds. Identify irregularities and flag high-risk transactions promptly to prevent fraudulent activities.

Break barriers to expansion with spektr's integrated third-party services. Adhere to diverse regulatory requirements, enabling smooth operations across different jurisdictions.


AML Monitoring

Gain comprehensive oversight in the crypto space by actively monitoring and preventing financial crime while upholding transaction transparency. Strengthen verification procedures by monitoring the source of funds and business status; minimizing fraud risks and maintaining regulatory compliance.

AML Monitoring


Dynamic Risk Assessments

Given the volatile nature of crypto markets, real-time risk assessment is imperative. Continuous monitoring allows for proactive identification and mitigation of potential threats, ensuring compliance with regulations and protecting against financial and reputational risks.

Risk Monitoring using spektr


Enhanced Due Diligence

Elevate your compliance efforts with advanced due diligence processes tailored for the crypto industry. Automate stakeholder evaluations through automation, ensuring seamless end-to-end compliance with regulatory mandates.

Source of funds process


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