Fraud detection

Source of funds process

Ensure trust and security through verified fund sources. Save time and resources with automated decisions on elevated risk statuses.

Source of funds process

Optimize compliance with a refined source of funds process

Manual processes in the source of funds verification are time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to delays and potential compliance issues. With spektr, we automate the gathering and verification of client information to enhance efficiency while reducing risk of inaccuracies.

Our platform provides multiple data connection options, allowing you to easily and quickly integrate client information from various sources. Whether it's real-time data from LMS and CRM systems or API integration with existing systems, spektr ensures that your source of funds process is thorough and comprehensive.


Establishing and monitoring internal thresholds is paramount for detecting suspicious activities and ensuring compliance. However, manual threshold setting and monitoring can be cumbersome and prone to oversight. With spektr, you can easily customize threshold settings and implement automated monitoring mechanisms. This ensures that compliance officers are promptly alerted to any deviations or potential risks.

Our solution allows you to define and monitor deposit, investment, and leverage criteria, ensuring that transactions remain within acceptable parameters. In cases where transactions exceed pre-established limits, spektr's decision routing feature comes into play. Transactions that surpass designated limits are routed for enhanced due diligence, while those below the threshold require no action, streamlining your compliance processes and saving valuable time and resources.


Traditional methods of identifying and mitigating high-risk clients or transactions often involve time-consuming manual reviews. spektr streamlines this process with our Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) functionalities. We utilize "Loops" to retrieve additional client information and "Actions" to make decisions on increased risk statuses. This automated approach ensures a thorough assessment of the source of funds, facilitating efficient decision-making.


Our goal with spektr's source of funds process solution is to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and compliance while minimizing manual effort and mitigating risks associated with financial crimes. By addressing these pain points, we aim to strengthen your overall compliance framework and help you meet regulatory requirements effectively.


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