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Maintain market integrity and protect investors

Stay within the legal framework, safeguard your license, and prevent fines. Easily adhere to regulations like KYC and AML to boost your reputation.

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Simplify risk management with customizable workflows, enabling quick data collection from clients or third-party sources, for swift alert escalation and compliance control.

Implement rule-based systems to detect breaches instantly and maintain regulatory standards. With real-time monitoring and resolution capabilities, promptly address issues to ensure continuous compliance.

Follow regulatory requirements for brokers worldwide. With the flexibility to accommodate diverse jurisdictional standards, we facilitate smooth operations across countries with varying regulatory landscapes.


AML Monitoring

Keep investment transactions secure with ongoing AML compliance monitoring. Detect and prevent suspicious activities, verify business entities' identities, and maintain stringent regulatory standards for a trustworthy investment environment.

AML Monitoring


Proactive Risk Mitigation

Stay ahead of potential risks in your investment processes with real-time monitoring and scheduled due diligence. Our platform ensures thorough evaluations of clients, vendors, and stakeholders, safeguarding against fraud, compliance breaches, and market volatility while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Risk Monitoring using spektr


Source of Funds Tracking

Elevate the transparency and integrity of investment transactions by closely monitoring the source of funds, and business status. With automated verification processes, mitigate the risk of fraudulent activities, for better security of the investment environment.

Source of funds process


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