KYB Ongoing Monitoring

Improve your KYB monitoring with adaptable data import options, tailored risk categorization, and automated due diligence workflows.

kyb ongoing monitoring

Ensure accurate and timely KYB ongoing monitoring

Elevate your KYB monitoring capabilities through spektr's adaptable data import options. Connect client information from multiple sources. Whether you choose real-time data from LMS, CSV file uploads or API integration with platforms like Salesforce, spektr guarantees an efficient and comprehensive data import to your monitoring process.

In our risk monitoring solution, we categorize risks into low, medium, and high categories, each with its own tailored monitoring frequency. This approach allows us to provide targeted risk assessment strategies based on the specific risk profile of each client or entity.

KYB ongoing monitoring integrations

For low and medium-risk entities, we implement a cost-effective monitoring frequency, typically on a monthly basis. This ensures that any potential risks are identified and addressed promptly without overburdening resources or processes.


High-risk entities demand the highest level of scrutiny and vigilance. To mitigate risks effectively, we implement a daily monitoring frequency to ensure that any changes or developments are identified in real-time. spektr employs a waterfall orchestration approach. If the primary service like Dun & Bradstreet fails to provide sufficient data, spektr automatically verifies it with a secondary source like Moody's. This ensures thorough risk assessment even in complex scenarios.



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