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Your clients have moved beyond paper check payments, and so should you. Automate risk assessment across all client types in your country of operations without increasing manual review hours on spreadsheets.

Compliance for Payment companies

Automate compliance tasks by combining KYB, KYC, and AML requirements into one solution. Manage identity verification and real-time monitoring efficiently within a unified platform.

Proactively combat fraud threats with a robust risk monitoring system and dynamic workflow tool. Quickly implement checks for false positives, request additional documents, and escalate unresolved issues for thorough review.

Consolidate client data from different sources to gain comprehensive insights into risk profiles and transaction patterns. Simplify hit resolution for more efficient risk management and compliance renewals.


Proactive Risk Management

Ensure payment security with real-time monitoring and scheduled due diligence processes. Identify and mitigate risks such as fraud, cybersecurity threats, and compliance breaches. By assessing stakeholders regularly, ensure regulatory compliance and minimize financial crime or fraud risks.

AML Monitoring


AML Monitoring

With high transaction volumes and values, stay ahead in the payments landscape with continuous AML compliance monitoring. Detect and prevent suspicious transactions, verify business entities, and maintain regulatory adherence, reducing fraud and financial crime risks.

Source of funds process


Vendor Orchestration

Simplify management of third-party service providers in payment processing. Monitor compliance with regulatory standards and evaluate risk profiles to uphold a secure payment ecosystem.

kyb ongoing monitoring


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