AML Ongoing Monitoring

Connect client data, customize searches, tailored to your risk profile, and automate hit reviews to align with your AML risk management.

AML Monitoring

Enable automated AML monitoring and customer re-screening

With spektr, you gain access to diverse data connection options, facilitating seamless integration of client information from various sources. Whether you're tapping into real-time data from LMS and CRM systems or integrating via API with your existing infrastructure, spektr ensures swift and thorough data collection for your AML monitoring processes.

AML Monitoring Customization

Our platform offers customizable search setups tailored to your risk profile and compliance needs. By fine-tuning search parameters, you can optimize results for accuracy and relevance.

AML Monitoring High Risk

For entities categorized as low to medium risk, spektr employs a tiered search approach. It starts with ComplyAdvantage as the primary source and utilizes Dow Jones as the secondary source. This method ensures thorough entity and individual scans, aiding in effective risk identification.

AML Monitoring Low Risk

For high-risk entities, spektr conducts searches using ComplyAdvantage as the primary source and CSI as the secondary source. This dual-search approach enhances scrutiny, facilitating thorough risk assessment vital for AML risk mitigation.

AML Monitoring Review

Once the search is complete, our intuitive "actions" feature automates the review process of monitoring hits. This feature allows you to efficiently review and manage hits generated during the monitoring process. Whether it involves PEPs, sanctions, or adverse media, the actions feature provides a centralized interface for quick decision-making. Easily evaluate changes associated with each hit and take necessary actions based on your organization's risk tolerance and compliance policies.

This systematic approach ensures proactive responses to potential AML risks, enabling you to maintain compliance and effectively mitigate financial crime threats.


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