Risk Monitoring

Assess company risk and make informed decisions based on real-time data. Monitor high-risk customers closely for enhanced due diligence compliance.

Risk Monitoring using spektr

Be smart, effective and proactive handling compliance with risk monitoring.

Navigating compliance in the financial indsutry presents the challenge of having disparate nature of client data scattered across various systems and databases. That’s where spektr steps in, consolidating client information into a centralized platform, ensuring your risk monitoring activities are based on accurate, real-time data.

By importing data from your LMS and CRM systems, or through API integration with existing platforms like Salesforce. This ensures that your risk monitoring activities are built on a foundation of accurate and up-to-date information, addressing the challenge of fragmented data management.

Once the data is collected, it's time to gain a clear view of the risk landscape. With spektr's 24/7 risk assessment feature, you can access tailored risk assessments based on both historical and current data. Evaluate company risk, assess UBO/director risk, and make informed decisions that drive your risk management strategy forward with confidence.


As you delve deeper into risk monitoring, spektr's intuitive platform allows you to categorize risks effortlessly. Whether it's low and medium-risk entities receiving automatic approval or high-risk entities triggering further action, our routing feature ensures that each risk category receives the appropriate level of attention and monitoring.

Risk Category

For high-risk entities, spektr goes beyond traditional risk monitoring methods. Our platform automates the Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) process through innovative features like "Loops" and "Actions." By retrieving additional client information and facilitating decision-making on increased risk statuses, spektr ensures thorough risk assessment and enables efficient risk mitigation strategies.

Risk DD Process

By centralizing client data and providing real-time insights, we alleviate the burden of managing disparate information sources. Our scalable solution ensures adaptability as your client base expands, mitigating the complexities of evolving regulatory landscapes. With intuitive risk categorization and automated EDD processes, spektr enables proactive risk mitigation strategies for you and your clients.


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