CEO and Co-founder

Map and orchestrate your entire compliance strategy

Simplify processes, optimize resource allocation, and customize your entire compliance strategy, from risk monitoring to renewals, to drive sustainable growth for your organization.

Struggling with compliance planning? Let us guide you through mapping out a clear strategy, integrating risk assessment, monitoring, and renewals.

Break down silos within your organization. We'll help orchestrate tasks, improving communication and alignment between departments for smoother efforts.

Maintain reliable data integrity across compliance processes. Ensure accurate risk evaluation and decision-making for maintaining data integrity.

Compliance is everybody's responsibility and spektr is here to help automate it by having developed best-in-class compliance automation tool.

Susanne Brønnum

Former CEO at Nets Denmark

End-to-end compliance strategy mapping

  • Map your entire compliance strategy, from risk assessment to monitoring to client renewals, ensuring comprehensive coverage

  • Create customized workflows that orchestrate each stage of the compliance process, facilitating smooth transitions and efficient task management.

  • Gain visibility into the entire compliance lifecycle, allowing you to track progress and identify bottlenecks.

Integrated risk management

  • Assess and mitigate risks effectively with our holistic view of your organization's risk landscape.

  • Identify, prioritize, and track risks in real-time, enabling proactive risk management and mitigation strategies.

  • Access reporting to gain insights into emerging risks and trends for improved informed decision-making.

Dynamic monitoring and client renewal

  • Implement dynamic monitoring processes that adapt to changes in regulatory requirements and business needs, ensuring ongoing compliance and risk mitigation.

  • Automate client renewal workflows, reducing manual effort and ensuring timely renewals while maintaining compliance.

  • Use renewal automation to ddress compliance issues promptly, minimizing disruptions and mitigating potential risks.


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