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Replace manual, regulatory systems today

Experience a hassle-free approach to ongoing due diligence with our no-code platform, offering full automation, real-time monitoring, and alert resolution. Compliance is about to become the engine for your commercial success.

Automate risk processes

Use our customizable, no-code platform to build complex and dynamic risk models. Get clear insights to analyze client groups for better decision-making.

Build monitoring set ups

Build monitoring processes for internal and external data to detect changes, categorize risks, and resolve issues in real-time, proactively responding to emerging threats.

Instant alert resolution using Loops

Close the loose ends. Our Loop toolkit identifies practical cases and designs automated solutions for immediate use. Turn potential issues into opportunities for success.

Orchestrating vendor integration

Add as many external data vendors as you need. Verify customers with certified providers and enrich risk profiles automatically.

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Why settle for the old way?

Discover the spektr approach; reduce chaos, boost revenue through automation-led compliance.

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