Scale client renewals through task automation

Replace manual tasks with automated risk monitoring and client renewals to elevate your team’s productivity and keep your operations running smoothly.

Struggling with regulations? Simplify with real-time updates and actionable insights tailored to your challenges.

Relieve yourself of Excel headaches and costly outdated systems for operational efficiency.

Forget about periodic check-ins and automate renewals with feedback loops for ongoing monitoring.

Compliance is everybody's responsibility and spektr is here to help automate it by having developed best-in-class compliance automation tool.

Susanne Brønnum

Former CEO at Nets Denmark

Automated workflow optimization

  • Simplify daily operations by automating tasks like data entry and compliance checks, freeing up time for strategic work.

  • Identify and mitigate operational risks like fraud, money laundering, and cybersecurity threats through customized processes.

  • Access a simplified control framework for ongoing monitoring, ensuring constant oversight and security across your operations.

Proactive alert resolution

  • Utilize various services to resolve alerts tailored to each client's needs, addressing the challenge of personalized issue resolution.

  • Resolve alerts internally to reduce manual efforts and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

  • Customize every loop with our intuitive builder to ensure alignment with client requirements and operational needs.

Global expansion and scalability

  • Tap into a diverse range of global services designed to support your business growth and expansion into new markets worldwide.

  • Customize risk and monitoring processes to meet local requirements and fuel global growth – all without coding.

  • Ensure compliance across multiple jurisdictions by maintaining consistent practices and addressing specific regulations in each location.


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